Counseling Services

At Rapha Medical Center, we believe in a holistic approach, body, mind and spirit. Our counseling services are available to help you deal things that come with life.

Why consider counseling?

According to an article by Psychology Today, 5 Signs It’s Time to Seek Therapy, there are signs that may indicate you should consider counseling. The article points out “sometimes the signs are obvious—but at other times, something may feel slightly off and you can’t figure out what it is.”

Here a few signs to consider:

  • Feeling sad, angry, or otherwise “not yourself.”
  • Abusing drugs, alcohol, food, or sex to cope.
  • You’ve lost someone or something important to you.
  • Something traumatic has happened.
  • You can’t do the things you like to do.

If you’re experiencing anything on that list, therapy may be a good choice for you. Need to speak to a licensed healthcare professional? Give us a call at 954-388-5018.

Counseling Services